Cole Jeffrey/Kristen Taylor
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Downtown Marshall • Madison County, NC
38 Bailey's Branch Rd. • 828-649-9711
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Cole Jeffrey/Kristen Taylor

Cole and Kristen are an artistic duo singing songs in the folk style--mostly original, but also covering artists such as CSN&Y, Bob Dylan, and the Beatles. Think Simon and Garfunkel undertones, lush harmonies and serene songwriting. 

A native Nebraskan, Cole Jeffrey writes an eclectic variety of music--from folk to blues to psychedelic and prog rock. Check out the links for the wide variety of music all written by Cole. The North Fork soundcloud will have stripped down folk songs from when The North Fork was a solo project. Other links will lead you to a large variety of music by The North Fork.

Kristen is an immensely talented singer-songwriter with an uncanny ear for beautiful melody and acousic guitar work that perfectly meshes her style. She is one of the more talented females in a talent rich city that includes Aly Peeler and Valerie Electaradbolt. Also singing in the local well known folk rock band, Ragged Company, she shows her versatility as an artist.

Kristen freuently sing with each other. Being significant others, they have a special chemistry that live listeners have as having a a Simon and Garfunkel vibe. They perform originals and covers together, and are looking to do a two week fall tour of the south and southwest! Kristen's first EP was released on June 3, 2017, recorded all live take in the great outdoors by Cole. This can be found on the first five tracks on her soundcloud, highlighted by "The Shape of Leaving."