David Goodier
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Downtown Marshall • Madison County, NC
38 Bailey's Branch Rd. • 828-649-9711
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David Goodier


David Goodier was born at the crossroads of America in Terre Haute, Indiana. He started writing songs about as quickly as he began to play guitar and he has been performing, recording, and composing since he was 15. He has actively toured and played with multiple acts most notably the folk super group Yearbook Committee and rock band Nativemind. Along the way he's picked up the necessary skills to produce albums and has spent the last ten years as a sound engineer as well. However, at his core Goodier is a performer. Known for a powerful voice, well written songs, and an accessible and friendly stage presence his 20 years of stage experience shows the minute he smiles and picks up his guitar. His plan has always been to make music and he'd love to sit on a front porch or stand on a stage and sing pretty songs with you. His first full length studio album is set to be released this summer.


"Goodier can accomplish almost anything I've thrown at him for a decade now. Two people in the bar or a thousand. Forty five minutes or three hours. It's always the same level of performance and professionalism."
- Connie Wrin, owner, The Verve

"A great new musical voice in the Wabash Valley..."
- The Tribune Star

"He (Goodier) doesn't sound like he should be from the tri state area. He doesn't need to stay here long."
- Joshua Seprodi 41/40 Media