Papa Vay' Vaden Landers
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Downtown Marshall • Madison County, NC
38 Bailey's Branch Rd. • 828-649-9711
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Papa Vay' Vaden Landers

Papa Vay’ Landers – Country Blues – Asheville, NC

Vaden Landers is a multi-instrumentalist from Knoxville, Tn. He started playing music while traveling at a fairly young age. He enjoyed the wondrous lifestyle of sleeping anywhere and “hoboing” around the countryside. First starting with the banjo, he studied old-time banjo styles, Cajun and Traditional Country tunes, and jazz styles. He’s since picked up a guitar and has been studying the blues for two years.

He plays various styles of the blues but mostly focuses on the country blues. He has been learning the piedmont finger picking style for about two years, along with doing some classic yodeling country tunes. It is a pleasure to watch Vaden show off his vocal range, projection, and talent. Vaden chooses the songs that he connects with, as he says “let the song choose you”. His musical goals are to spread as much knowledge and authenticity as possible and pay close attention to original detail.He has hopes to be a music educator by preserving the tales and tunes of the past and telling his own musical story. He feels this is how you pay your respects to those who inspire and push you creatively.  

Papa Vay’ Landers, also write a lot of original material, focusing on bring old arrangements back to life with a new twist. The subject matter of the songs Vay’ writes focus on traveling, trains, tragedy, love, and some dirty/party songs to liven up any dull moment and get your dancing shoes burning.  Vay’ truly believes in raw emotion of music, leaning heavy on those subjects that aren’t always to hear, but still feels your heart with reward and joy.