Momma Molasses
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Downtown Marshall • Madison County, NC
38 Bailey's Branch Rd. • 828-649-9711
Mon-Thur Noon-9pm • Fri Noon-10pm • Sat Noon-10pm • Sun Noon-8pm

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Momma Molasses

  Currently based in Johnson City, T.N. ,and originally from the Pines of North Carolina, Momma Molasses' music interlaces Americana, Folk, Alt-Country,Old Time, and Soul  music  into a uniquely timeless sound. With a rolling contralto voice thats scales over homespun finger-picked guitar, in haunting lamentations. Warm, rich, and passionate, her songs embrace, and captivates listeners, soothing well warn hearts with vunerable lyricism.

​    Momma Molasses is the musical project of singer-songwriter Ellen "Ella" Patrick. Growing up with a deep love of music, Patrick began playing stringed instruments at an early age while singing gospel music in church, playing viola in the school orchestra, and learning folk ballads from her parents dusty late 60’s record collection. While in college at Warren Wilson, just outside of Asheville, Patrick studied old-time, and bluegrass music, and later played fiddle for bands in the Asheville area.

    Two years ago, Patrick decided cook up some songs of her own, with a recipe consisting of equal parts  Southern Appalachia, 1940's Country Swing, and 1960's folk revival. With her sweetly stirring singing, Momma Molasses has been likened by listeners to artists such as Patsy Cline, "Mother" Maybelle Carter, and early (pre-rock n’ roll) Janis Joplin. Now with a year and a half of touring under her belt, and a self released EP, Momma Molasses recently released a new album “Anthems from a Broken Heart” this past June. Chronicling the process of falling “out of love” and into self-respect, the album is a collection fit for those broken by past relationships, aiming to bring a sense of power, self-worth, and clarity from the knowledge that loneliness, heartbreak, and hope all walk hand in hand.